Stand Up Act 5/29/2016
Alex used to work in a call center and  do a lot of Customer Service work. This routine is all about the idiotic things obnoxious customers used to say. It's about customers who think they can bully CS reps into getting the answer they want. Alex also gives his famous Tower of Dicks. Plus, Alex discusses difficulty in finding any job because of terrible interviews and slang for awful jobs.

Stand Up Act 3/8/2017
Ah, love is in the air... for most people. Alex goes on about  his lack of luck in his love life. And that leads to how little sympathy he has for other people with similar problems. Whether they whine about "Nice Guy" syndrome or go on about boobs exploding. Alex also reveals every cliche he has heard while discussing the difference between right and wrong. This video also features Alex's famous Alfred Hitchcock and Bob Dylan impressions.

Standup Act 2/8/2017

Alex lists the various things that annoy him in this segment where he introduces the list of deCourville. Find out what Alex doesn't like and which things stick so far in his craw he goes off the rails.

Also find out why Alex dislikes the phrase "that awkward moment", learn about Alternative awkward people and even get a little bit of a grammar lesson.

Standup Act 9/23/2016
Driving - All of us have to get around somehow. Alex tells the viewer about a recent trip he took with his Cousin Roy, talking about Roy's terrible driving, Roy's snoring and Eau de Roy.
Not that Alex is the world's greatest driver either. Join Alex as he talks about his first speeding ticket.

As mentioned this show was noteworthy as Alex's anniversary as a comedian.

Standup Act 10/28/16

Yes, Alex gets a little political... but mostly talks about weird things like a kid he met who should be on a kids' show, having the song "Dog Police" stuck in his head, how Cousin Roy pays for things.

Alex also discusses his brutally frank opinion about people trying to stay cool - whether it's old people whose best days are behind them or Frat Dorks who lack the charisma to pull things off, Alex examines the dark side of trying to stay cool - especially with how it affected the election.

Stand Up Act 5/11/2016

In this act performed in Mentor Ohio, Alex discusses some hot button issues that he's been dealing with. Were the 80's and 90's everything we tell the younger generation they really were? Alex also discusses problems with setting up video games in today's age including one heck of a groan. Also discussed - is spanking right or wrong in today's day and age?

Alex Does It All