Alex Does It All


Episode 6 - Weekend without Bernie
Bernie goes missing and Kenny finds himself in charge of the Bowl or Die. Without any other help, Kenny hires Brian, Steven and Charlie to help around. Brian works food. Steven works shoes and Charlie tends bar. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 2 - Charlie is Pregnant
After feeling sick for a couple of days, Charlie begins to suspect he is pregnant. Even Brian and Steven begin to think he's pregnant - everyone but Kenny. Charlie imagines life with the baby after demonstrating he can't use a pregnancy test.

Holiday Special - Bernie 2016

The election may be over, but that's not gonna stop these guys from tricking Bernie into thinking he's President of the United States. Bernie goes overboard as expected. Bernie Sanders may not appear in this episode, but Alex does do a great Bernie Sanders impression.

Episode 3 - Bernie vs. The Turkey
With Thanksgiving approaching, Bernie wants to cook a turkey, but has the bright idea of cooking a live turkey. The turkey proves to be smarter than Bernie anticipated.
Features guest star Oreo the Raccoon.

Episode 1 - Sweet Charity
In this season premiere, Steven is duped into spending the night in a coffin for charity after someone calls into his show. It's up to Charlie, Brian and Bernie to keep him entertained while he has to do this.
This episode features cameos from Obscurus Lupa and Magic Steve

Episode 5 - Kenny's Sister
Bernie calls in his younger daughter Rachel to help around the bowling alley. Problems arise when Rachel is smitten with Brian. Brian is reluctant to go out with Rachel because she's only 16. That doesn't stop Steven from being jealous that someone likes Brian more than him.

Episode 4 - Hooked on a Feeling
With Charlie's eccentric behavior getting under Steven's skin, Steven hires a call girl to spend the night with Charlie. Unfortunately, Charlie's awkward behavior doesn't gel with the call girl and he blows his chance so Steven decides he wants to get his money's worth from the call girl

An original web series created by Alex deCourville

Premise: Pinheads follows the misadventures of a group of radio station workers - Charlie - a goofy metal head, Steven - A Batman-obsessed egotist, and Brian - A laid back guy with his mind on food - as they hang out at their a bowling alley - managed by Bernie - who has a screw loose - and his son Kenny - who's a touch neurotic.