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Win a Date with Robert Tolkien

When he doesn't have a date, Robert thinks it's a good idea to raffle himself off in a contest. What he doesn't bargain for is gross band geek Carrie to enter the contest. See both sides of this awkward adventure.




Carrie Meets Marshall

In a direct followup to the previous story, a jilted Carrie finds companionship in a grungy musician.


Robert Tolkien Undercover

Robert is elated to find Carrie is off the market. But jealousy soon kicks in and he trails Carrie on her date with Marshall.


Carrie's Last Cider Fest

In a story more sentimental than comedic, Carrie Reinhold recounts her enthusiasm over a local festival as a child and how it just doesn't measure up as an teenager.


The Alamo According to Robert Tolkien

When Robert has to do a report for history class, he chooses to talk about the Alamo and his family's history in that particular battle. Suffice to say, Robert's views on history don't go over well.


Tolkien it to the Streets
Robert Tolkien's Revolution

Full frontal: This is one of my personal favorites because it goes balls-to-walls with jokes. Robert imagines himself travelling back to the Revolutionary War to rescue an ancestor. On the way, he meets George Washington, Benedict Arnold and Henry VIII


Robert Tolkien Meets His Father

Another personal story as Robert's dad is based on my grandfather (who passed away in 2016). He was quite the character and I could probably write a book about him if *I* knew the whole story.